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Bulk messaging refers to the practice of sending a large volume of messages through the WCalls softw...

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Auto-response for WhatsApp involves the use of WhatsApp Chatbots by WACalls, which are intelligent v...

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WACalls offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to create multistage campaigns effortlessly....

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Drive the adoption of digital finance by leveraging our solution that offers a range of benefits. With our platform, customers can instantly inquire about their balances, receive personalized portfolio recommendations, experience hassle-free claims settlement, and explore cross-selling opportunities, among other features

Transform your restaurant operations with our revolutionary WhatsApp-based system. With our solution, you can streamline the entire ordering process, including personalized meal suggestions, add-on recommendations, secure payments, and real-time delivery updates.

Indeed, it is true that while there are various free chat widgets available, WACalls stands out by offering additional features such as:Team Management: This feature enables efficient distribution of workload and effective collaboration among team members. Set Working Hours: We understand that not all websites operate 24/7. WACalls allows you to set specific visibility times for the chat widget on your website. Comprehensive Stats and Reports: WACalls provides detailed statistics and reports

Absolutely! WACalls provides a 100% free chat widget for your convenience. There are no associated costs or fees involved. Simply sign up for an account, and you can immediately start utilizing the chat widget on your website at no expense.

The WACalls chat widget is a versatile plugin designed for all types of websites. It enables seamless and real-time communication with online customers directly on your website. With this plugin, you can engage in instant and efficient conversations with your website visitors, enhancing their overall experience and facilitating effective customer support.

Indeed, we offer a convenient 3-day free trial for WACalls. Getting started is simple - just select your desired plan. The best part is that you can start utilizing the trial without the need for any initial payment. This allows you to experience the benefits of WACalls first hand before making any financial commitments.

WhatsApp Pro is a comprehensive business solution designed for users who utilize WhatsApp for their businesses. It serves as a centralized communication platform that allows your team to efficiently manage both internal team interactions and customer communications. Additionally, WhatsApp Pro provides detailed statistics and reports regarding your user activity. Moreover, it offers the ability to access chat history, even if WhatsApp is not installed on your phone.

At WACalls, we prioritize and respect user privacy policies, especially when it comes to using WhatsApp numbers for both personal and business purposes. With our platform, you have the option to safeguard your personal number by adding it to the private numbers list. This ensures that your personal number remains concealed and separate from your business communications.

Indeed, WhatsApp Pro offers a convenient solution for handling chat conversations with privacy. With this feature, you can invite team members to participate in a chat without revealing the presence of other team members to the other party. This enables multiple skilled individuals to collaborate seamlessly, providing enhanced service and support to your customers. This feature allows for efficient teamwork while maintaining privacy and ensuring a smooth and professional customer experience.

Certainly! With the WACalls manager panel, managers and business owners are granted access to view and monitor WhatsApp chats. This feature enables you to oversee and track the conversations taking place on WhatsApp, ensuring effective communication and providing valuable insights for your business.

WACalls offers WhatsApp API with several benefits for businesses looking to leverage the power of WhatsApp for their communication and customer engagement needs. Here are some key advantages of using the API: Enhanced Customer Engagement Automation and Scalability Integration with CRM Systems Overall, the WACalls WhatsApp API offers businesses a range of benefits, including improved customer engagement, streamlined communication, automation capabilities, media support, and valuable insights.

WACalls WhatsApp chatbots offer numerous benefits for businesses seeking to automate customer interactions and provide efficient support. Some key advantages of using chatbots 24/7 Availability Instant Responses Scalability Cost Efficiency Multilingual Support By leveraging chatbot technology, businesses can provide instant, personalized, and efficient customer interactions, leading to improved customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and business growth.

A chatbot is always available to serve your customer 24/7. A chatbot can save you a lot of time and money by automating repetitive tasks like qualifying leads or answering questions of your customers. By offering instatily response to your customer, your business will build trust and boost conversions and sales.